Group News

February 2017

Post-doctoral researcher Johannes from the Bach group at Technical University of Munich joins the group, Welcome!!!!!

November 2016

Katie’s paper on the catalytic enantioselective arylboration of alkenylarenes was accepted to Angew, congrats!!!!!!!

November 2016

Professor Brown’s (Laura and Kevin) paper on the Wonderlab Exhibit was just accepted to the Journal of Chemical Education, congrats!!!!!!!

November 2016

Chris and Eleni’s paper on Lewis acid promoted ketene-alkene cycloadditions was just accepted to Organic Syntheses, congrats!!!!!!!

October 2016

Professor Brown was awarded the 2016 Novartis Early Career Award, congrats!!!!!!

September 2016

Chen, Allison, and Stephen pass their 5th semester candidacy exam, congrats!!!!!!

September 2016

Post-doctoral researcher Yuan from the Zhao group at National University of Singapore joins the group, Welcome!!!!!

August 2016

Mike’s paper on the synthesis of 1,3-substituted cyclobutanes via allenoate-alkene [2+2] cycloaddition was accepted to the Journal of Organic Chemistry, congrats!!!!!

June 2016

Post-doctoral researcher Nathan from the Forsyth group at The Ohio State University joins the group, Welcome!!!!!

May 2016

Chris and Wei earn their PhDs. Good luck at Lubrizol, Chris!!!!! Good luck at Cornell with Geoff Coates, Wei!!!!!