Group News

November 2017

Kevin successfully defends his thesis, congrats! Good luck at Stanford in the Sattely group!

November 2017

Alan, Stanna and Renyu join the group, welcome!

October 2017

Nathan, Brittany and Erin’s paper on the synthesis of ent-[3]-ladderanol via intramolecular chirality transfer [2+2] cycloaddition was accepted to J. Am. Chem. Soc., congrats!

September 2017

Congrats to Mike for earning his PhD! Good luck in the Romo group at Baylor!

August 2017

Yuan and Kevin’s paper on the Cu-catalyzed borylacylation of activated alkenes has been accepted to Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., congrats!

July 2017

Yao’s paper on intramolecular chirality transfer [2+2] cycloadditions has been accepted to Org. Lett., congrats!

June 2017

Summer students Alan and Stanna join the lab, welcome!

June 2017

Stephen’s paper on the catalyst controlled regiodivergent arylboration of dienes has been accepted to JACS, congrats!

May 2017

Kevin’s paper on the regioselective arylboration of isoprene and its derivatives has been accepted to JACS, congrats!

May 2017

Post-doctoral researcher Seewon from the ChangĀ group at KAIST joins the group, Welcome!