Group News

August 2023

Check out Renyu and Kevin’s recent article on Lewis Acid Promoted [2+2] Cycloadditions of Allenes and Ketenes: Versatile Methods for Natural Product Synthesis

November 2022

Congrats to graduate students Rachel and Shashwati for being selected to present their work at the Pfizer Chemistry Connect symposium!

September 2022

Congrats to Souvik for being selected for Abbvie’s 2022 Process Chemistry Workshop!

May 2022

Larissa joins the group as a visiting graduate student for the summer–welcome!

April 2022

Renyu and Yu-Che’s paper on strain-release [2π + 2σ] cycloadditions for the synthesis of bicyclo[2.1.1]hexanes initiated by energy transfer was accepted into JACS, congrats!

April 2022

Yanyao L. and former postdoc Dongshun’s paper on photosensitized [2+2]-cycloadditions of alkenylboronates and alkenes was accepted into Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., congrats!

April 2022

Grace was selected to participate in the Corteva Agriscience Chemistry Scholars Symposium and the Janssen Discovery Chemistry Graduate Research Symposium–congrats!!!

March 2022

Stanna is recognized as a 2022 CAS Future Leader, congrats!

January 2022

Kevin is now the James F. Jackson Professor of Chemistry, congrats!!!

January 2022

First years Yanyao, Yu-Che, Prashansa, and Jarett join the group–welcome!