Group News

March 2021

Amit and Stephen’s paper on Ni-catalyzed alkenylboration/hydrogenation to access sterically congested motifs was accepted into Chem. Sci., congrats!

February 2021

Stanna wins an ACS WCC/Merck research award, congrats!

February 2021

First years Souvik, Phillip, Ryan, and David (joint student with the van Kessel group in biology) join the group, welcome!

January 2021

Dongshun’s paper on the Ni-catalyzed silylacylation of alkenes was accepted into ACS Catalysis, congrats!

January 2021

Alison and Yanyao’s paper on Amide-Directed Ni-Catalyzed Arylboration of Cyclopentene Derivatives was accepted into Org. Lett., congrats!

December 2020

Stephen’s Organic Synthesis Procedure for the Nickel-Catalyzed Arylboration of Cyclopentene was accepted. Congrats!

September 2020

Renyu’s paper on the Enantioselective Synthesis of (+)-Hippolide J was accepted into Org. Lett., congrats!

September 2020

Kevin was promoted to Full Professor! Well deserved!

June 2020

Allison successfully defended her thesis, congrats!

May 2020

Dongshun and Brittany’s paper on Stereoselective [4+2]‐Cycloaddition with Chiral Alkenylboranes was accepted into Angew. Chem., congrats!