Group News

May 2020

Dongshun and Brittany’s paper on Stereoselective [4+2]‐Cycloaddition with Chiral Alkenylboranes was accepted into Angew. Chem., congrats!

April 2020

Erin successfully defended her thesis, congrats! She will be starting at Corteva Agriscience this summer, good luck!

March 2020

Stephen successfully defended his thesis, congrats! He is off to Caltech to work in the Stoltz Lab, good luck!

March 2020

Renyu and Brittany’s paper on Enantioselective Synthesis of (-)-Cajanusine was accepted into JACS, congrats!

January 2020

New students Yanyao and Shashwati join the lab, welcome!

January 2020

Erin’s paper on Enantioselective Synthesis of (+)-[5]- Ladderanoic Acid was accepted into Angew. Chem., congrats!

September 2019

Stanna and Renyu passed candidacy, congrats!

July 2019

Liang-An, Alan, and Pin’s paper on the Ni-catalyzed arylboration of alkenylarenes was accepted to Angew. Chem., congrats!

June 2019

Stephen, Ali, and Grace’s paper was accepted to JACS! Many thanks to our collaborators Humair Omer and Prof. Peng Liu!

March 2019

Amit Simlandy (from Santanu Mukherjee’s lab at IISc) and Dongshun Ni (from Dawei Ma’s lab at SIOC) join the lab as postdoctoral researchers, welcome!