Group News

February 2013

Yiqing Zhou joins the group. Welcome!

January 2013

Adam Nichols and Adam Spitz join the lab. Welcome!

January 2013

Chris’s paper on Lewis acid promoted ketene-alkene cycloadditions has been accepted to JACS, congrats!

December 2012

Prof Brown receives the Thieme Chemistry Journal Award, congrats!

October 2012

Kevin, Mike, and Yao start their C500 projects.

July 2012

Welcome summer students Sarah and Mike!

May 2012

Wei, Chris, Brittany, and Emily officially join the Brown lab!!

December 2011

Wei, Chris, Brittany, and Emily start their C500 projects.

November 2011

The Brown Lab moved to its new lab space.

September 2011

Welcome post-doc Yan!