Brown Lab
Indiana University
  The Ohio State University

Nathan was born and grew up in Crawfordsville, IN.  In 2011, he earned his B.A in Chemistry from Wabash College, working under Professor Lon Porter Jr. on the applications of porous silicon.  After marrying his fiancée, Bethany, the following summer, they moved together to Columbus, OH entering the Ph.D. program at The Ohio State University.  Focusing on natural product synthesis under the mentorship of Professor Craig Forsyth, Nathan completed the total synthesis of Salvinorin A.  Upon earning his doctorate in May 2016, Nathan and Bethany moved back home to Indiana where he began his post-doctoral adventures with the Brown lab at Indiana University utilizing their developed [2+2] cycloaddition methodology in total synthesis.  When not in the lab, Nathan enjoys playing sports (especially softball), chess, and board games with family and friends, as well as, going out to dinner and movies with his wife.


Oh, good grief!” – Charlie Brown